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Feb 9 - 22, 2020

Join Wild latitudes on an exploration of one of the last great wild places on Earth. We’ll travel through rainforests of record-breaking heights, traverse rivers into a world that time forgot, and encounter animals that defy the imagination.

June 3 - 11, 2020

Explore America’s wild, frontier state on a journey from the fjords of the Kenai Peninsula to the slopes of Denali. We’ll survey the birds and mammals found in this northern region, many of which are rarely seen at lower latitudes.

Jun 28 - Jul 8, 2020

Explore the wild side of Iceland, which boasts an impressive combination of geologic wonders, abundant and ever-present bird life, and a subtle but fascinating flora. This tour will delight nature travelers interested in birding, plants, and geology.

Sep 20 - Oct 3, 2020

Experience some of the richest bird life in the world as we explore The Pantanal and Atlantic Forest in Brazil. In addition to birding, we’ll be on the lookout for wildlife such as Giant Otter, Capybara, and Black Howler Monkey. And we'll make a special effort to find the region's most powerful predator, the Jaguar.

Nov 5 - 16, 2020

An exciting tour of the wild islands of Fiji. In addition to searching for birds in Fiji's forests and along the coast, we'll take time to explore beautiful coral reefs, learn about the region's ecology, and experience Fijian culture.

Jan 21 - 30, 2021

Join Wild Latitudes on this 10 day adventure in Belize, one of the most remarkable and diverse countries on Earth. We’ll go birding in vast wetlands and tropical rainforests, explore ancient Mayan cities, and snorkel the second longest barrier reef in the world.

Apr 16 - 28, 2021

Experience Spain's beautiful natural areas and countryside in spring, across the regions of Andalucía and Extremadura. This tour will focus on birds, the overall natural history of Spain, and cultural highlights.

May 27 - June 5, 2021

Traverse the Highlands and islands of Scotland on this 10-day tour. We’ll bird some of the country’s top hotspots, visit historic castles, and enjoy the rich atmosphere of Old World pubs that can only be found in Scotland.

Aug 20 - Sep 3, 2021

Madagascar… the name alone conjures up images of exotic landscapes filled with wonderful and unique creatures. Madagascar is like no other place on Earth. Join Wild Latitudes on this 15-day tour to visit many of the most fascinating locations this mysterious island has to offer.

Nov 7 - 20, 2021

Tasmania is one of the most beautiful, enchanting islands in the world, and on this two week tour, you’ll literally circumnavigate the whole of it, experiencing the very best of the birding, wildlife-viewing, and natural wonders that Tasmania has to offer.

November 11 - 22, 2021

Oaxaca is home to fascinating birds and cultural treasures. Take a journey across its rugged landscapes to see ancient ruins and great birds—from the arid valleys and forested mountains to the tropical coast.

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