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Jan 10 - 20, 2024

Join Wild Latitudes on this 10 day adventure in Belize, one of the most remarkable and diverse countries on Earth. We’ll go birding in vast wetlands and tropical rainforests, explore ancient Mayan cities, and snorkel the second longest barrier reef in the world.

Feb 4 - 17, 2024

A journey into some of India’s wildest regions. See amazing birds and charismatic mammals like tigers, rhinos, and elephants. Visit word-famous landmarks and experience the modern iteration of this ancient land.

Apr 7 - 14, 2024

Palm trees, beaches, great weather… Florida is not only a paradise for people, but for wildlife too! Come with us to explore the rich biodiversity of the many habitats southern Florida has to offer.

May 8 - 18, 2024

Circumnavigate this enchanting island to find seabirds, shorebirds & forest birds. Along the way, you’ll see geologic wonders and visit iconic national parks, landmarks, towns, & pubs.

May 8 - 16, 2024

Southeast Arizona is one of the premier birding hotspots in the United States. Its far southern latitude of the and diverse ecosystems give us the opportunity to see birds and wildlife you’ll find nowhere else in the US!

Jul 8 - 19, 2024

Experience the wild side of Iceland, which boasts an impressive combination of geologic wonders, abundant bird life, and subtle but fascinating flora. This tour will delight nature travelers interested in birding, plants, and geology.

Nov 3 - 13, 2024

This 11-day tour will introduce you to the wonderful diversity of special birds, wildlife, and ecosystems of Vietnam’s southern tropics.

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