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Birding and Natural History

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This 11-day tour will introduce you to the wonderful diversity of birds, wildlife, and ecosystems of Vietnam’s southern tropics. We’ll explore both lowland tropical forests and coniferous forests of the high plateaus.

The tour begins in Ho Chi Minh City (aka. Saigon). After enjoying some highlights of the city, we head to Cat Tien National Park. There, we’ll search for special birds like Germain’s Peacock-pheasant, Green Peafowl, Bar-bellied Pitta, Red-and-Black Broadbill, Siamese Fireback, and Gray-faced Tit-babbler. The park is home to some amazing mammals, too, like the Lesser Mouse-Deer and Southern Yellow-cheeked Gibbon.

Next, we climb to the higher elevations of the Dalat Plateau. The relatively cool forests here host a very differentset of birds and other wildlife. Some birds we hope to find over several days include Indochinese Green-Magpie, Spotted Forktail, Vietnamese Greenfinch, Blue Pitta, and Green Cochoa

After our wonderful exploration of the Dalat region, we’ll return to Ho Chi Minh City. Along course of our journey, we’ll be sure to indulge in the amazing cuisine of Vietnam, and experience the culture and customs of this delightful country.

EXTENSION TRIP TO CAMBODIA: Continue your travels in Southeast Asia by experiencing the wonders of Cambodia! On this 7-day extension trip that begins in Siem Reap, you’ll see exciting new bird species and learn about the culture and history of Cambodia. A major highlight will be visiting the incomparable ancient temples of Ankor Wat!

We’ll search for amazing birds and wildlife in the nature reserves in Tmat Boey and Prek Toal. Before returning to Siem Reap, we’ll make a special visit to the Prek Toal Floating Village on the Sanker River.

TRIP LEADERS on EXTENSION: Steve Robertson and Ivan Phillipsen.

Tour Highlights

 Go birding in several of Vietnam's diversity hotspots, where many endemic species await you.

 Experience unique lowland tropical forests and coniferous forests in the mountains.

 Tour Ho Chi Minh City—formerly Saigon—to learn about Vietnam's culture and history.

 Get opportunities to see special mammals like gibbons, Gaur, and Leopard Cat.

 Enjoy the rich and delcious cuisine of southern Vietnam.

 ON THE EXTENSION: Walk among the stone ruins of Ankor Wat, one of the most spectacular historical sites on Earth.

 ON THE EXTENSION: Go birding in the wetlands of Cambodia, to find regional endemics and endangered species.

 ON THE EXTENSION: Visit a floating village on the Sanker River to get a window into a unique way of life.

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