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Borneo Tour 2020 [Trip Report]

To see photos from this tour, click HERE Steve gave us a sense of what Borneo was like before we left. Borneo is hot, buggy, and humid. It’s also beautiful, challenging, and exciting. What do I remember most about our trip? The birds. That’s why we came. They more than lived up to any expectations […] Read more

Iceland Tour 2019 [Trip Report]

Day 1 – Local Birding in Reykjavík The adventure begins! Once the whole group had arrived, we had an orientation gathering at our hotel in downtown Reykjavík. Then we walked a couple blocks to an alehouse where we had lunch at long tables, Viking style. Our first birdwatching outing followed. We drove out to the Seltjarnarnes […] Read more

Montana Tour 2019 [Trip Report]

Day 1 – Great Falls Our group assembled for the first time in the early afternoon on this sunny, beautiful day in Great Falls, Montana. After an orientation gathering at our hotel, we took a short drive to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center on the banks of the Missouri River. We […] Read more

Uganda Tour 2019 [Trip Report]

It was a typical morning until, out of the blue, Steve from Wild Latitudes called to say he had two cancellations for their upcoming tour to Uganda and wondered if we were still interested in going. Given we had already traveled overseas with Steve and knew him to be reliable, well-prepared, and knowledgeable (as well […] Read more

What Should Be in Your Travel First Aid Kit

As a birding and nature tour Trip Leader, I’m routinely responsible for the safety and well-being of the people who travel with me. I’m cautious and take as many preventative measures as I reasonably can to avoid mishaps. But cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and illness aren’t always avoidable while traveling. A first aid kit is […] Read more

7 Amazing but Underrated Destinations for Nature Lovers

If you have the travel bug and have been to a few far-flung places around the globe, you may feel a certain drive to discover new and exotic natural wonders to add to your bucket list. And, if you’re like me, you don’t necessarily want to visit the same places that the teeming masses are […] Read more

South Africa Tour 2018 [Trip Report]

There is a reason that this tour company is called “Wild Latitudes”. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Hoedspruit, to the minute we boarded the plane at the end of the trip in Cape Town, we were on a non-stop adventure of a lifetime. The days were filled with new sights and […] Read more

10 Gifts for the Nature-loving Traveler

If someone on your gift list likes to travel the country–or the world– looking for birds, wildlife, and other natural wonders, I’ve got some great gift ideas for them. These are all things that I’ve found really useful while out leading birdwatching and nature tours. Here we go! Daypack Pretty much indispensable for most nature […] Read more

The Natural Wonders of Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca—pronounced wah-HA-kah—is the 5th-largest of Mexico’s 31 states, but it ranks numero uno for having the greatest number of animal species. For example, 741 bird species have been found in Oaxaca– about 67% of the species found in Mexico. There are also hundreds of native mammals in Oaxaca and the state is home to more reptiles […] Read more

Mobile Apps for Nature Travel and Birding Trips

Smartphones and the countless apps that make them useful have truly revolutionized the way many of us do our work, communicate with each other, and pursue our pastimes. Phones now serve as powerful, pocket-sized computers that can keep us connected to just about everything and everyone, no matter where we are. For me, this technology […] Read more