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Birding, Natural History, and Culture

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Experience the incomparable natural wonders of China with Wild Latitudes. Explore the mist-shrouded forests and alpine grasslands of Sichuan Province, where a rich diversity of birds awaits you, including colorful pheasants and songbirds found nowhere else. Here, in the heart of China, we’ll visit habitats that are home to mammals like the Red Panda, Leopard Cat, and the Golden Snub-nosed Monkey. This region is also the stronghold of China’s most iconic and beloved animal: the Giant Panda.

Our adventure begins in the city of Chengdu, in the fertile lowlands of the Sichuan Basin. After enjoying a bit of the local culture, we’ll venture into the wild, traveling through bamboo forests to reach the Tibetan Plateau. The ecosystems we’ll visit along the way are home to over 300 bird species.

On our journey, we’ll witness stunning scenery and experience a rich array of Asian cultures… Much of our time will be spent in the homelands of Tibetan ethnic groups. This tour is designed to be an educational, inspiring, and fun adventure.

EXTENSION TRIP: CULTURAL WONDERS OF CHINA Get an even deeper understanding of China by joining us on this 6-day extension. The focus will be on several spectacular cultural wonders, all of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Terracotta Army of Xi’an, The Forbidden City in Beijing, and the Great Wall of China. We’ll take the bullet train north from Chengdu, first to Xi’an, then onward to Beijing. As we learn about Chinese history and culture, we’ll be sure to include some fun birding experiences along the way.

Tour Highlights

 Walking through bamboo forests that are home to Giant Pandas, Red Pandas, and an amazing diversity of birds, like the Golden Pheasant.

 Birding and exploring the high-elevation grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau.

 A special visit to the world’s most renowned panda sanctuary to see and learn about these amazing animals up close.

 ON THE EXTENSION: Seeing one of the most incredible archaeological discoveries of all time: the Terracotta Army of Xi'an

 ON THE EXTENSION: Traveling to Beijing, to see the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China.

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