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Start with Birds in Your Backyard [Video]

So you’re interested in birds and birdwatching, but you feel a little overwhelmed by all the different species that are out there. No problem! Just start with a few bird species in your backyard or in your local park. This is a perfect way to get into birding. There are a lot of little brown […] Read more

Birdwatching Binoculars for Beginners

If you’re new to the exciting world of birdwatching (i.e. birding), you may be wondering if you need a new pair of binoculars. If you’ve got a rusty, old pair of binoculars– from your Boy Scout days or handed down from Mom– chances are they aren’t going to be good enough for your birdwatching adventures. […] Read more

3 Reasons You Should Start Birdwatching

What’s so great about birdwatching? It seems like all the kids are doing it these days, so there must be something to it. I’m joking a little here, because in reality not that many youngsters are into birdwatching. But this seems to be changing and I dream of a future where many more of our […] Read more

How to Clean Your Binoculars [Video]

As a birder or wildlife watcher, you likely spend a lot of time outside using your binoculars to get better looks at the feathered, furry, and scaly creatures around you. Your binoculars are often your most important tool out there in the field. For them to deliver the best image quality they need to be […] Read more